Lost my sanity…and found it in the kitchen!

This is an old article from my blogger days, which were very few. Still imported this as it’s about food. 🙂

As I felt depressed over the soon to end weekend, I knew there was still hope…in the kitchen. Kitchen is where I always get solutions to my needless perplexities, anxieties and depressions. It’s where I talk to myself the most, it’s where I’m at my busiest…chopping away like there is no end. It is where I come up with my customized philosophy. And it is where I do something really productive.

I really didn’t know what to cook for today, when i suddenly remembered Nigella’s super simple “Lemon linguine”. Now I didn’t really have linguine, or double cream or parmesan. But these things don’t bog me down in the kitchen. The kitchen always forces me to create rather than not. So I decided to make spaghetti with lemon sauce, made with cheddar instead of parmesan. The end result…Y.U.M.M.Y.!

As I am on my couch right now, my belly content and my taste buds pampered with the very refreshing and soothing flavour and aroma of lemon zest…I wonder, why is it that I suddenly feel like writing? Probably, the kitchen energy! I have this sudden surge of emotions where I’m happy that there is at least one activity that doesn’t seem like work to me.

So what is it about cooking that is so therapeutic? I would choose cooking over getting my eye brows shaped or my arms waxed, any day. In fact, most of the times, it’s the process of cooking rather than eating that I get a big kick out of. And by process I mean everything right from getting the idea to cook a dish, buying ingredients for it, figuring out what substitutes to use or what changes to makes to actually making the whole preparation, anxiously waiting for the oil to heat and garlic to sizzle and the aroma to waft and fill your kitchen with a sumptuous warm energy…something that is every bit as rejuvenating as getting a head massage.

I guess, it’s the feeling of absolute liberty that is what makes it so wonderful…especially when you’re cooking just for yourself. When you cook for yourself, you get bolder and more experimental. And when the fear of judgement is gone, you’re no longer scared of that extra dash of fish sauce or a more than generous sprinkle of pepper. An ideal state I’d say, to develop your palate and introduce it to unusual tastes. And I can’t really deny that the sense of adventure you get in the kitchen does rub onto your life outside as well. And who doesn’t like to be a tad bit bolder, smarter or more confident?

It’s the anticipation of being able to cook one more day is what motivates me to even get out of the bed every morning. And it doesn’t even have to be any complicated cuisine. The mere clatter of pans or even something as simple as the aroma of a perfectly brewed tea (trust me, you don’t get it right everyday!) is probably what even keeps me going. I think kitchen and cooking appeals to a very primal side of me that understands only sensuous pleasures. Watching the mustard seeds dance whimsically in the hot oil or getting lost in the hypnotic rhythm of your chopping boards and knife…aren’t these the simple pleasures that keep alive the fun and cushion the blows of the maddening crowd? Aren’t these after all the things that reunite you with your lost humour and some-one else’s positive attitude (I aint got any of that 😉 )?

I can’t imagine my life where I wouldn’t have a chance to enter the kitchen ever again. I mean what would I do then?

Well, why worry about this now, when I can still find peace and sanity…in my kitchen! I’m off to stock up on these and make myself a rejuvenating cup of coffee. I’m tired after all, with so much blabbering!



  1. My cup of coffee is what a cup of tea is to you (I guess). I’m so obsessed over making the perfect cappuccino that I actually take the espresso machine with me when I travel if I can. I bought one and kept it at my home in India so I can have that perfect coffee whenever I visit. Every night we have this ritual. My husband comes from work and we work side by side in the kitchen, chopping vegetables and talking about the day. This ritual is what takes away all the anxieties and worries of the day for me.


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