This post is to introduce ChillerCat who will frequently feature in my posts.

So, ChillerCat is the blog name for my little sister. Why the name? Well, because 1.she is the most chilled out person I know and would love to have her chiller quotient…and it shouldn’t be hard since we come from the same gene pool; 2. she can sleep all day long like a kitty; 3. I used to carry her on my back when she was a kid and pretend that she was my pet cat (God, the things our parents had to put up with…details in another post.); 4. she has a certain zen quality and precious wisdom that either only too old or too young people can have, despite belonging to neither category.

A little more about ChillerCat and our sisterhood:

  • She is a couple years younger to me, but a lot wiser.
  • She is incredibly brave and practical.
  • She loves driving.
  • She swears a lot while driving, but smiles sweetly and says sorry when she accidentally blocks traffic.
  • She loves singing; which is very funny to hear.
  • She is my best friend, confidante, the apple of my eye and a source of unlimited wisdom.
  • She is unlike most girls her age…which speaks volumes about her being I think.
  • She loves animals…more than people perhaps. But that’s a family trademark!
  • Whenever she comes home, she asks mum to prepare both tea and coffee and has huge mugs of both one after the other.
  • She loves cutesy stuff and I almost always want her tops, accessories, shoes, jewelery…or whatever!
  • All the clothes that make me look awkward, fat, disproportionate look simply phenomenal on her.
  • She walks like a boy.
  • She is pretty gutsy and when she was a trainee in her second year of Hotel Management, she once refused to work for 12 hours questioning the manager why would she when he didn’t. Of course, I scolded her later for that…when you are that young and inexperienced, you don’t question. You just work your ass off.
  • When ChillerCat is not chilled out, she can have quite a bit of temper.
  • Her smile makes her eyes look like sparkling lines which is her best feature.
  • You cannot not smile when you meet her. šŸ™‚
  • EVERYBODY loves ChillerCat.

P.S. For all practical purposes we shall call her CC coz the writer is lazy and wouldn’t want to write ChillerCat every time.



      1. šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ I know!! Isn’t it the best feeling to have a little sister? And cool ones at that!
        I still keep going through one particular childhood pic of us where she is sitting on my lap and has this huge goofy grin. It’s soooooo cute that it brings tears to my eyes with cuteness overload.


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