With unapologies

There are some things that I hate so much that despite trying to cajole myself into trying to ignore them; some things just bypass my annoyance filter anyway.

I hate:

  1. people becoming extremely comfortable with me and acting like soul mates.
  2. nosy people riding the moral high horse.
  3. forced and assumed friendships.
  4. unsolicited advice especially from people who hardly know me. And especially about topics like love, relationships, babies.
  5. people insisting that I should like what they like.
  6. people who try to be funny and crack jokes that are plain racist, sexist, unfunny or offensive in general.
  7. women who yell at the top of their voices. This point stems from the fact that there is a woman in office who has no idea how loud and horrific she sounds. She’ll put Rani Mukherji to shame with her hoarseness. Plus I know even know her favorite music and her bank account number in just one day.
  8. girls walking in twos and threes completely oblivious to the fact that they are blocking the way for others. Plus, these girls are there just to torture you. They keep chattering, they look at you, they see that you are stuck between them and are in a hurry but still keep doing what they are dumbly.
  9. people with no sense of a person’s physical space. I’ve seen specimens who come so close as they talk that you need to squint.
  10. people who touch your hand and cheeks and hair as they talk even when they hardly know you.
  11. women who are blissfully unaware of their stupidity.
  12. unbearably girly girls who act like they need to be rescued by men.
  13. men who feel that they are meant to provide for women.
  14. men displaying classic signs of chivalry like holding doors for women, entering only after women, pulling seats for women. I agree some are genuine and feel the need to do this but most are just showoffs and sexually frustrated men trying to impress women for an easy lay.
  15. women who can make you uncomfortable just by looking at you head to toe.
  16. Idiotically positive people. It’s just plain irritating and depressing.

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