EM is my husband. I had used his actual initials in the first post where I mentioned him. But since he didn’t like it very much, we settled on EM- El Marido or the Husband. Not that we are too happy with EM either, but that’s who he is and he loves Spanish language. Even Spaniards say that he can talk like them. Plus, he also looks Spanish from one particular angle, in one particular light setting and when he wears one particular shirt.

EM became my M only recently. We got married last month. But I’ve known him since forever. EM sleeps like a baby and if ever given an option to choose between sex and sleep, he’d choose the latter. EM LOVES watching television, and watching spiritual programs and mocking them at that the best. EM is super funny and extremely intelligent. I can’t even begin talking about his emotional intelligence. It’s exceptional. Everybody gets along with him and he normally gets along with everyone. Even if he doesn’t, he doesn’t crib about it like I do.

EM has OCD when it comes to dishes in the kitchen. He HAS to clean-up the moment I am done using a vessel. At times, even when I am STILL using it. That explains why we always have a huge pile in our sink. Everything that he sees, which isn’t in its usual place, he feels the need to throw it in the sink. Which is fine when he cleans it, but not quite so when I feel like doing something for him and decide to do the washing up. EM is a bit of a cleaning supplies junkie and is extremely excited with the prospect of buying room freshners, toilet cleaners, sink cleaners, floor cleaners, mops, scrubs, flush disinfectants, acid, bleach, upholstery cleaner…basically any new cleaning item that comes in the market. period.

EM loves brushing his teeth and strives for a squeaky clean mouth at all times. He is seen brushing teeth thrice a day on his slow, dull days…much to my annoyance. Don’t be surprised if you walk into the house and find him flossing his teeth while watching TV.

EM loves making funny faces. He looks adorable when he does that. EM loves bread pudding. EM is annoyingly particular about food and doesn’t have one bit of experimental tastebuds like I do. Which means I cook constantly; he refuses to try it, constantly; I get pissed, constantly.

EM has an incredibly deep and rich voice which is very soothing to listen to…except when he talks/ yells excitedly about sports.

EM is as patient as Buddha perhaps.

EM is very respectful of women and it comes to him naturally. He doesn’t have any hang ups about what men/ women should/ shouldn’t do. He is very secure.

EM is a complete family person and loves being around family. But he is just as relaxed when alone as well.

EM is non-judgmental and super cool to talk to. I even tell him about my crushes and infatuations.

EM acts like an idiot sometimes. But he is my idiot.

EM is the first boy I fell in love with and the only one I’d want to grow old with.


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