The period of lull

In my earlier post on how I actually started working towards weight-loss, I concluded with a couple of lessons I learnt and how I lost some weight in the process anyway.

I was already down to about 46 kilos, which was not skinny but nothing to complain about either. My main goal in even trying to change my weight is: not feeling my tummy wobble when I am jumping down the stairs. I have a habit of suddenly breaking into a jump when I am walking and have almost reached my destination and also sort of jogging on the stairs. Because plain walking is just boring. And finding my tummy wobbling, or feeling a tickling sensation in my arms due to excess fat makes me feel uncomfortable and heavy.

So 46 kilos was just right to do all the things I was accustomed to. I call the next 2-3 years a period of lull because my body didn’t change too much during this period. In fact I gained a kilo or two and was still fine with 48 kilos as I felt fit. Which is what matters the most anyway. I could comfortably run about 4-5 kilometers. While I did have the occasional frustrations on finding my tummy bulging over the jeans’ waistline, or being able to grab my love handles…a week or two of consciously eating right, doing regular exercise and drinking loads of water would get me into my desired shape again. Another thing that usually gets me back on track and preps me to start regular workout again after long periods of laziness, junk food and general inactivity is,  when I start feeling fullness in my face. I have a thing for flat cheeks (not sunken or drawn in. just flat and smooth). It gives your face cut a sharper feel and makes you feel slimmer even if your lower body is plumper. So when I feel fat accumulating in my chin, and my collar bones slowly disappearing under a lazy layer of fat, I spring back in action.

Which is precisely what I did in this period of lull. It’s not that my weight didn’t fluctuate. It always did. But it was still within reason. I was also attending Bharatnatyam classes twice a week which toned my arms and thighs a little more. All in all this was a good time when I had least dissatisfaction and frustration with my weight fluctuation (because I had other things to be frustrated and depressed about: my relationship. But about that in another post). I mostly ate healthy and did some or the other form of physical exercise. I mainly walked everywhere which is quite helpful to maintain if not lose weight.

The highlight of this period was that I needed a size 26″ jeans for a while, which was very flattering for me then. Now I no longer care about the size as long as the jeans has enough room in it to let my tummy expand a little bit and lets me sit with my legs folded up without awkward pinching and squishing happening…you know where. 😉


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