If only…

If only little girls could be little girls a little longer…with more time to play outside, fall, have scratched knees, run about freely, sleep with abandon, without a worry about revealing an ankle and inviting rape!

If only little girls didn’t have to become women at 7-8 and start looking out for possible rapists

If only babies were spared their babyhood…or is it too much to ask?

If only babies could be babies till…well, they reached the natural age of not being babies anymore, uninterrupted by the trauma of baby-rape

Hey wait, how about, if only… ALL female population could just “be”? no rape, no fear, no harassment, no danger. period.

If only looks could kill literally and physically (not looks to kill/ dye for) but spill blood and pull out guts with one look countering the uncomfortable stares in buses, streets, trains, planes, markets, offices, homes, hotels…am I missing any other place??

If only there were penis tests to find out if a man raped, rather than having vaginal tests to find if a woman was raped…

If only there were words beyond “sati savitri” and slut to define women

If only there were words beyond nice and homely or bitchy

If only victims had the option to rape the rapists…to rape their morale, their unsubstantiated self-respect (?!), their shameless courage, their brutal confidence, their inhuman maleness

If only women could rape a disgusting thought and leave it lifeless

If only there was enough collective conscience to acknowledge that rape does not a man make.

If only love was really about “love” and not acid attacks, rapes, killings and burnings…again am I missing something?

If only love was powerful, not rape

If only they knew that they didn’t have any contribution in being men, much as we didn’t have any contribution in being women…you are what you do, not what you are arbitrarily born as (again, from a belly of a woman)

If only there weren’t any “if onlys”

If only…



  1. exactly!! Everything around is so annoying and irritating. There is milder form of discrimination all the time which I no longer even notice. What’s it when compared to killings and rapes anyway?! That’s how thick skinned I’ve become.


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