My favourite stuff

Inspired by the Bride’s post on Favourite Things, I decided to make a list of my own too, especially because making lists is one of my favourite things really. I really wanted to call this post Favourite Things, but then it would be copying, not just inspiration. 😛

So anyway, here it goes:

  • Breakfast buffets
  • Waking up in the morning in my parents’ house and when it’s not the day I have to leave to come back here
  • Perfumes: smelling them, reading about them, studying the notes, buying them (this is a lot less, since I tend to like expensive stuff)
  • Baking bread
  • Having a series downloaded and ready on the hard-drive connected to the TV
  • Friday nights and Saturday mornings
  • Planning trips
  • Having something to write about (it’s very rare in my case)
  • Gossiping
  • Buying fruits, veggies and exotic food ingredients
  • Watching documentaries about cosmetic surgery, beauty industry, diets, body image, sexual habits, food culture, exercise and actually a lot more topics like these
  • Gudan garam in winters with hot ginger tea
  • Having a nice routine that includes good wholesome food and regular exercise
  • All kinds of hearty soups
  • Crusty bread and balsamic vinegar with good olive oil
  • Massages (if this was a list in order of my favourites, this would be in the top 5)
  • Being in the middle of the book that I’m really liking
  • Inviting people over for dinner to be my guinea-pigs for food that my husband wouldn’t eat
  • Finding about some interesting phenomenon I never heard of, reading about it obsessively and then telling all the people that are close to me in such painful details that their interest is over even before it actually begins
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Arguing and having very serious discussions about things that don’t really matter or over which I have no control whatsoever
  • Talking smugly relationships, like I’ve got it all figured out…that’s short-lived, I feel guilty immediately
  • Imagining that I suddenly turned into this gorgeous danseuse and surprised people around me who never expected so much grace out of me
  • Finding any of these these things in the local market: the squidgy, small variety of ber, red ber (chana mana bora), tamarind balls, raw mango coated in salt and chilli, starfruit, amla, karvanda
  • Public holidays that fall on Mondays

This is it for now, I am sure I’ll keep adding as and when I remember. What are your top 5 favourite things? Feel free to write more than 5.



  1. 1. Reading thrillers
    2. Being with Dogs and some people I really like
    3. Food, especially anything with potato, cheese, pickles and salt. Especially during reading
    4. Long walks in pretty places
    5. Scratching scalp and back ( this can be done only in private since it looks quite disgusting)


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