Wrong decision & obsessive behaviour

is what describes my current state of mind almost exactly. I know, even talking about things such as “my state of mind” is a luxury of the privileged and what I myself often discredit as first-world problems. But that doesn’t rid me of these. And why would they? I am privileged, and compared to a majority of people around me who have real problems, mine are indeed of a more superficial type. But explaining this to myself over and over again hasn’t made a difference to how I feel.

I’ve been going through a rough time the past 4-5 months. It all began with the realisation that I was hating my job. It further led to the analysis of the job which led me to my findings: I don’t like it, I’m not learning anything new anymore, I’m categorically being left out of a training i was looking forward to and which would have bumped up my chances of being sought by other companies, I find quite a few people I hung out with mediocre or pretentious and hence unbearable. So I started looking for options. I applied to a really good and reputed company. Let’s call it Company A. I applied for a change in role within my company. Let’s call this company Company M. And another company contacted me, near about trying to poach me. Let’s call this Company P.

So I was pretty sure that I would get through smoothly through all rounds in company M; which I did. But was left clueless about the pay or any other benefits. In the meantime, company A had asked me to quote a figure that if offered, I would take the job. I did. This incredible company went out of their way, created “strategic position” for me to be able to offer what I had asked for. Only, the very same day, I told them that I wouldn’t take their offer since I had an internal offer. And here comes my stupidity…I didn’t have any details of the internal offer, only to be told 2 days later that it would not involve ANY compensation change. Isn’t that brilliant!! 😦

Meanwhile company A had still given me 2 days to think this through. I did contact them within 2 days with change of mind…but haven’t been able to get through since. I have no clue if they even got my messages. So here I am…at the same point of confusion, uncertainty and obsessive thinking…all thanks to my idiotic decision to refuse one even before I had details about the other. I don’t even care about Company P. So I wouldn’t take that.

In short, I have written to Company A and have been obsessively checking my e-mail and refreshing it every 2 minutes and looking at my phone every 5 minutes to hypnotize it into ringing and bringing good news. But let’s be honest…who needs employees who can’t even make up their minds? Unless they are twisted like me and would consider this sort of confusion and indecisiveness very normal and almost adorably human. But, corporations DON’T work that way. And all I can do till I hear back is mull over my wrong, hasty decision and try to rationalise and actually believe that company M and the new role is just as great…only no monetary benefit. Hmmmph. I wonder if my capitalist and materialist brain would take this news very well!



  1. Maybe they haven’t replied because it is holiday time? Most people go on holidays, especially if it is a MNC. So maybe they will get back after a while?

    Also, company M might be taking you for granted, thinking internal transfer will be a big favour to you and no need to up the salary. In any case, if the other company does call, do not let concepts like LOYALTY and all clutter your judgement. Think rationally.


  2. Thank you so much. So you know how impatient I am. They replied 2 hours after I posted this. 😛

    Anywhoo…most trying period for me. They want me to meet with another person now. 😦 Jesus! Plus shares just complicate matters for you. hmmmph

    If only I had divine dreams where I just got answers and didn’t have to choose for myself.


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