Places to visit 2014

I realised I need to make a list to remember the places I want to go to in 2014, even though there aren’t many. I keep reading about beautiful places and hardly ever leave my house because I’m torn between a weekend of doing nothing and actually moving my ass. I need some sort of list so that I don’t forget and plan my days accordingly.

  • Pondicherry: It should be the easiest thing for me to do. Especially since Pondicherry is barely 6 hours away from Bangalore. But making plans can be super tough when you and your partner never have weekly days off together. Anyway, this is on my list. If I can’t make it before May, I’ll definitely work on it in May. May is usually an eventful month. Marriage anniversary, Birthday and stuff.
  • Bhutan: Meant to do this in May but seems unlikely as I would probably be very new in my new role and wouldn’t get many leaves. So this can be postponed to October. The point being: It HAS to happen this year. I am dying to go there since forever.
  • Kedarkanth Trek: Just came to know of this awesome, insanely beautiful winter trek in Garhwhal region. I wish I had known it before so that I could have already been there. Never mind…December 2014 has to be it! I’ve heard that indiahikes offer a good trek.
  • Coorg: I’ve already been to Coorg before so it’s not really top priority. But I wouldn’t mind going there for a weekend since it’s manageable in that much time.
  • Kodaikanal: Coz I like it.

Any suggestions for places nearby?


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