When everything seems nice & mellow

It’s that time of the year. First working day of the new year. When you are still in “wishing people a happy new year” mode. When you try your best to reach out to people, especially those whom you have always distanced…just in a lame attempt to smooth things that might not have gone down well, like insubordination or the likes. It’s a new chance to look at people differently and to take a shot at personal perception management.

This struck me when one of my colleagues who manages to annoy e every single time pinged me. My normal reaction would be to immediately set my status to invisible. However yesterday I felt no anger or irritation. I actually managed to have a decent conversation and even helped him with some editing. It’s funny how different times in a year can make you look at things differently.

Hmmmm…if I could look at each day like it was the first day. This would certainly help in not mulling over previous experiences and resentments.



  1. I’d love to do that myself but in all honesty it’s those moments when I let that slip my mind, something comes up and … well there goes that good notion. Suppose it’s part of being human thus takes a bit more work and persistence and a plan.

    I’m getting too old to go through another psychological roller coaster.


    1. I think it’s easier to be human only if the person you’re dealing with is human enough. Unfortunately, people around you make it too difficult. And then you’re the only one who is seen as maladjusted. Sigh!

      I could do it yesterday, but today some people have already given me reason to no longer be nice. 😛


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