New obsession !?!

So it’s no news to people who know me well enough that I am a pickles junkie. Give me anything soaked in salty, tart vinegar and I’ll eat it. While most people (my husband to be more specific) cringe when they smell the sour, intense vinegar, my mouth starts watering immediately. In fact one of my favourite drinks is cold water flavoured with 2 tsp cider vinegar and black salt. Yummmm!! So great is my love for vinegar that one of my colleagues made a birthday card for me with the theme of one of the most popular online shopping websites. And one of the sections was named Balsamic Vinegar & (my real name).

The reason for the title of the post is that yesterday I went to eat at a Vietnamese place. The reason I went there was because I was in mood for some Pho. But what I ended up eating the most was the delicious carrot and radish pickle they had. I finished the entire jar on our table and then sheepishly asked for another one. I could clearly see the husband trying to mask his embarrassment at his pickle hogging wife’s demand. Or this could just be in my head.

I finish a huge jar of pickled gherkins almost every week. One of my favourite drinks is vodka mixed with the brine from pickled jalapenos and soda. I constantly surf the internet to find out new pickle recipes from around the world. I enjoy every aspect of it right from combing through several recipes to finally coming up with my own, watching long tutorials on home canning without any equipment, walking miles to find the right kind of jars and finally after going through a lot more hard work…ending up eating the fruits of the effort in less than a week. phew!

The few people who read my food blog might have already realised my unending love for pickles. The first food post for the year also involved pickling onions. And I already have plans for making Sauerkraut, Vietnamese pickle, beetroot in raspberry wine vinegar. Like I didn’t eat enough salty food already! But hey to each his own obsession, huh? Don’t be surprised if I declare on my blog one fine day that I am starting my own pickles business.



  1. Wow…mouthwatering… I tried pickling Jalapeños inspired by you and they were better than the market ones.
    A friend has just given me this pickle, try it:

    Buy the non-hot chillies and bash them very lightly, till they just have a scratch on them. Juice almost 2 dozen lemons ( they are cheap this season). Grind some mustard rough, some fennel stalks, add them to the juice with 3-4 pinches of salt. Then pickle for 2 days. You can discard the chillies if you want:

    The juice can be used in cocktails, over rice, addition to soups etc.


    1. Yeah? I HAVE to check it then. I have a newfound love for mustard paste and mustard oil. Thanks to my Assamese friend to keeps introducing me to flavours I’ve never even imagined.

      Try this…I think I told you before, don’t remember though. So here it goes: You remember “shembdi bora” these little tangy berries we sometimes get? very squidgy and with a sharp almost bad smell? Okay so heat mustard oil and let it cool. Fill a jar with these ber, add a lot of salt and pour oil. After 10-15 days these berries swell with mustard oil. They are yummmm


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