The legend is gone

Paco de Lucia passed away yesterday. It’s sad that even such legends aren’t immortal. But that’s just a very very selfish way of looking at things I guess.

I am not much of a musical person. Worse still, I don’t understand music at all. But he was the only musical legend whose compositions I have listened to since I started studying Spanish. ¬†Everytime I listen to Paco de Lucia play guitar the only thing I can say to myself is, “how? how? how? How can anyone be so incredibly brilliant”

Here are a couple of my favourite tracks:

1. Entre dos Aguas: I have watched this video a million times to just look at Paco de Lucia’s face while he plays the guitar. There is so much passion that you cry with disbelief. I tend to anyway. This is also the background score in Vicky Christina Barcelona.

2. Monasterio de Sal

3. Mediterranean Sundance

R.I.P Paco de Lucia.


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