New Beginnings

I quit my job yesterday. I had been dissatisfied for a long long time. Pretty much since I moved to here. I was disillusioned by my job, the  limited learning opportunity it offered, the same people, an overall sense of lethargy and negativity and the absolute disinterest in welcoming any change. And yet there some great things as well like a steady pay, security, the option to work from home and a lot of liberty in terms of work times and the way you want to finish your own work. There was hardly anyone breathing down my neck, and yet something was missing. Finally, something I had been in discussion about came through and I just decided to go with it.

I was always interested in this new company and the interaction I had with them left with with no doubts that this would be good for me. Plus, I believe that when you feel stuck, it’s good to embrace change, in whatever way possible. I am quite excited about the new job but also mighty scared because I don’t have any technical background. But the people have been great and they were particularly looking for someone with a non-technical background. Things just fell into place and it feel right.

A lot of things are going to be different. For the first time in my professional life, I will not have a door-to-door pick and drop facility. But the good thing is that this place is close to home. No work from home either, but I don’t want that to limit my options from such a young age. The people seem very considerate, decent and hard-working. it is going to be challenging, but that’s probably what I need at this point. Something to yank me out of my comfort zone

. This time I had hardly spoken to anyone about the whole thing till it was final. This is quite new to me. I am an open book and there are very few secrets about me. But I categorically decided to not involve too many people until everything was final, especially since I keep dwelling on things and discuss it with people I confide in over and over again. I also suffer from acute anxiety and telling few people helped me think about it less. Doesn’t mean that I wasn’t anxious. I was extremely anxious till everything was final. To the point that I had acute pains in my nerves. Not to worry, I am super used to this experience by now. The worst part was telling it to my manager. But after it was done, I realised that I worried myself crazy for no reason. People quit all the time and you don’t have to feel guilty of leaving the team without a resource. I firmly believe that nobody is indispensable and yet I can’t seem to practise calmness in real life.

Anyway, I feel a lot lighter now that I have informed the relevant people. I did have some second thoughts after I was told that my promotion was in process, but then, my decision is final. It’s not just about promotion and money, it’s also about change and newer experiences. I don’t know what the future holds for me. But I also strongly feel that when you do take a step towards change, the next few months are very rewarding irrespective of what you may feel in the long run. And that is worth everything. So here I am, at an interesting juncture, serving my notice period, after quitting my first job…and I feel good. Let’s see what it looks like a few months down the line. But for now, I am all set to embrace the change and let things take their course.



    1. I agree. And to settle for boredom the job has to have an exceptional pay at least. If that doesn’t happen, I think it’s just better to move and learn new things. And when you move, you will invariably paid more than what you already get or anticipate getting in the next few months. That’s definitely a win- win and what when the company is already on your wishlist.


  1. oh yes. i just read somewhere that people who quit every 2 years end up making more money than those who stay in one company for long. and the fact that there will be new faces, new places, new assholes will keep you entertained for quite some time!!


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