Walk around the block

I felt transported back to a simpler time in childhood when we went for a walk around the neighborhood the other day. I can’t believe this is the first time we did that in over a year since moving here. I mean taking a walk for the sake of a walk, not to run down to the corner store to get eggs, milk or cigarettes.

It had just stopped raining, everything looked fresh and the air was cool and it felt great to have wrap the sweatshirt tighter when the coolness turned to shivery cold. We both talked about how we were going to miss CC terribly as she had left after staying with us for about 3 weeks and now we wont be able to have such a relaxed time with her for a long long time. We talked of how we didn’t know there was a tailor 50 metres away from home just because I didn’t walk to that side and then we decided we should do this often. In fact, we were so excited by how refreshed we felt after the little walk that we came home, had dinner, took the bike to go to Indiranagar, parked it there and then kept walking for over an hour. Indiranagar is so much better for such aimless yet hugely rewarding walks. There are trees all over, it’s well lit and also quite close from home.

I realised that it had been a really long time that we spent together without either of us having a laptop, a computer, a kindle or a phone before us. And I could help noticing how odd it was to feel like I had a revelation when in fact this is what we would do almost every day of the week when I was in school. I didn’t have to make a deliberate attempt to fit in a simple walk around the block in my enslaved by social media schedule. It just happened naturally. And yet, once I took that walk, I didnt want to stop.

But going by how artificial and unnatural my life has become, I hope it doesn’t take another year and another idiotically simple revelation to take that walk around the block again. Sigh…



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