Movie with a soundtrack

Life! That’s what I am talking about. Does it ever happen to you that you are listening to some music and you suddenly realize that you are looking at yourself and your life like a third person would.

This happens to me very often. I am not a very musical person. But when I do listen to music, it’s mostly non-vocal tracks. And I sort of get the feeling that it’s the background music to some part of my life that I’m currently living. It’s very strange and even fun actually because while I like to think it’s just a background score, it invariably also has an impact on my current mood. I am listening to Gustavo Santaolla’s tracks right now and I actually feel like I am part of a movie with slight sepia colour-tone, like the one you see in Babel or Vicky Christina Barcelona.

I really do hope that other people find this fun too, else i’ll just think i’m hallucinating. 😉



  1. hehe- yes.. i think it happens to most people i know. we imagine ourselves as protagonist of some angsty film and music helps as cue.. like i imagine working for c.i.a every time i listen to jazz- thanks to homeland addiction!!


  2. you know i hated it from ep. 8 onwards too… and didn’t watch the second season. then somehow started watching third and then watched second and then last week first and second again.. it is one of these shows which you know are manipulative and overboard but you watch it anyway. even when you don’t like most of the stuff you see….


    1. I know! I’m guessing it’s something like how Desperate Housewives was for me. I didn’t like anything in particular but didn’t despise it enough to not want to watch it.

      I actually quite liked the first few episodes of homeland. They were quite fast and happening. I’ll just drag through the rest of the season maybe. Season 2 any better than the last few episodes of season 1?


  3. actually now i am a bit irrational about homeland. i see potholes and all other problems galore, but am addicted to it. i think season 1 was the best, followed by some parts of season 2 and season 3 was actually stupid:):)


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