A strange tingling in the arms,
restlessness that coils around the insides of the heart,
heart beating, no. thudding, through the temples,
the power lost from the fingers.

A fear, but not of anything in particular,
may be of the future, that may or may not exist,
a certain regret, of something lost somewhere,
of moments gone by and errors made.
and the sentiment taking form of a vicious blend, trying to rush through the blood and muscles,
and make way for some release.

What’s happening, I ask.
Is it a physical thing this experience,
or just symptomatic of a mind gone awry?

Has it though?
or is it just becoming aware of the things thought subconsciuously,
without observation, without sensitivity?
is it the mind waking up one fine day, after revelling in a senseless debauchery of worries, thoguhts, thoughts about thoughts?,
and not knowing anything but the chatter?
or storming out and giving up?


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