Lovely Rainy Sunday

I had been planning a post on today’s random events, nothing remarkable, just a nice lazy Sunday. However, I kept holding it off for one reason or another: finishing the last few episodes of a series I had been watching, lying in bed when the room was much cooler today thanks to the rains, and general lazing around. But GM‘s post inspired me to get the post out anyway. πŸ™‚

I really like the kind of Sundays when I get a bunch of stuff done and still have some time to spare. Today was just that. I made a 100% wholewheat bread in the morning. I got this new fancy and expensive yeast that I had been wanting to try. I debated over whether to spend 200 Rs. on yeast when you generally get it for 30 Rs. But then in the end I figured, it was time to upgrade, plus I do really love to make breads. So here it is. The yeast is great, and now I have industrial quantities of it, enough to make exactly 100 loaves. heeee. Bread recipes on my food blog.


I then made some mint juleps. Well modified versions with Old Monk rum. It was delicious, and more so because it was made from the mint I grew. Ah satisfaction!


I am slowly trying to switch to all organic food. Part of this involves buying fruits, veggies, and groceries from Since I am switching to organic anyway, I might as well do more healthy stuff. I have been planning to eat flaxseeds every morning since a long time, but I just can’t swallow the seeds plain. So I made a big batch of flaxseed chutney powder to have with my daily breakfast, on toast, or sprinkled over oatmeal.

Then a spent a LOT of time just looking out the balcony. Everything looked so beautiful and flushed with the lovely drizzle. Plus, I got some plywood planks yesterday to put over the railing of the balcony. The iron bars had too much gap to hold my plants steadily, so I just put these planks on top to make a bigger and more even surface. Now it all looks much neater.

Flower section

FlowerΒ Β section

Herb section

Herb section

So basically, all I mean by having a lovely Sunday is a Sunday spent pottering around the house doing nothing in particular, and then skipping showering too…because you know it’s okay in the cooler weather! πŸ˜€



  1. OMG. Your food blog is amazing. You are so superbly productive with all this cooking and gardening. I am generally moaning and moping when it comes to cooking whenever work politics strikes and my eating suffers. I just emerged out of an unhealthy cycle today after nearly three weeks of abusing my system with little sleep and not paying attention to meals. My mother is a great believer in flaxseeds too. I think she powders it and mixes it with turmeric and honey, makes a slightly thick paste and then drinks it all up.


    1. He he. Thank you! I think cooking is the only thing that I have consistently liked. Otherwise, I am very fickle, and have a new hobby every 3-4 months. πŸ˜›

      Flaxseeds with turmeric and honey, not bad. All the great ingredients. Must be great.


    1. Hehe. I have never sold bread before. But I wouldn’t mind trying. I have nurtured a life-long dream of opening a little bistro with a very limited set menu, but where everyday I cook whatever catches my fancy. And of course there will be rustic, dense breads and pies!


      1. Haha. That’s not a biggie. I actually realized I don’t mind not having readers and not having comments because not all conversations are satisfying and also I am now past the ‘I want readers’ phase. Mainly write to record the good and not so good though I leave out the ugly.

        Your plans sound delicious. You must follow your dream – that’s me motivating you with selfish reasons πŸ™‚ Am now following your cooking blog. Like gardening, I love reading about cooking too though I don’t do much of both except to reproduce my mother’s recipes when the going is good and I am not sinking into deep valleys of despair over people around me.


      2. I agree. There was a time, when I had just started blogging, and would get neurotic over whether or not people read my blogs. And that’s precisely when I came across some very very popular blogs, and I would feel stupid when I saw their following. Now, I am okay. Like you said, I just want to record the nice things, or rant as personal therapy. It has helped me a few times, when I sort of write like I am explaining something to myself.

        Thanks for following my food blog. πŸ™‚ Oh do motivate me. I am always complainign about not having enough friends here whom I can cook for. Husband doesn’t care much for experimenting with food, I love baking bread and he doesn’t like bread. So I usually am left with more bread than I can have myself.

        You must share some of your mum’s recipes. Is it traditional Tamil food? I have hardly ever experimented much with South Indian food.

        Tell me about the people in your life affecting how to connect with food! There are times when I don’t even want to cook maggi. Generally when I am frustrated with people and the general state of being.


      3. Mum’s recipes are a mix of Marathi and Tamil cooking. I’ll send you some Tamil recipes. Do you eat fish? Some of our fish recipes are unique. She wrote most of them down for me in a book when I was leaving for the US and I still have it. Though I know all of them now, I still read it before cooking.


      4. That is so sweet. I wish I had a handwritten book like that. I do eat fish. I prefer sea fish over river fish though. And I hardly make fish, so would love some home recipes to try.


      5. I’ll send you a couple that I have. Am going to be traveling the coming Saturday onward. Will send it when I am back end of month.


  2. Beautiful Sunday!! I too sprinkle flaxseed on my ‘muesli fruit yogurt’… But try flaxseed paranthas… Stuff your paranthas with ground roasted flaxseed that has been seasoned with salt, dry mango powder. I have taken pictures to be able to post it on FB. You will live them.. Two paranthas with a nice cup of tea on a lazy afternoon. The best part is that I feel I consume a reasonable quantity this way…
    Also, your garden looks more and more amazing with every post..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a great idea. I will try it. I could even straight away stuff the chutney powder I made. I’m not too great at making parathas though. 😦 And I love them. Need more practice I guess. Even my rotis aren’t all that great.

      Yeah, the garden is taking shape now. I’m travelling next week though. Super worried about what will happen to my plants. 😦


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