This very moment

I’m at work and doing everything else but work. And since I like to make lists, I thought of listing things I am doing/thinking right now.

  1. Just got coffee from the machine, coz you know you need a break after reading blogs non-stop for one whole hour.
  2. Reading up on old, almost ancient posts from a blog I really really love. In fact, I have been doing this since yesterday. Systematically pulling out posts from March 2007 of the said blogger. I am doing this with utmost sincerity.
  3. Thinking about what I want to do tomorrow: Want to buy stuff to make Thai chicken noodle soup, get black necklace chord to string in some of the lovely, unused pendants I have, add soil to some of my plants, re-pot by lovely basil in bigger pots, May be buy a plant (that can be a good birthday custom to begin), buy a nose pin, eat one meal outside, although can’t decide which.
  4. Thinking about a packet I’m told I received from my sis after I left home this morning.
  5. Thinking about working out the first thing after reaching home. I realized that as I am sitting in a horrible, bent-down posture, my tummy is almost touching the top of my thigh. Disappointed because it had become flat after returning from Bhutan.
  6. Just realize how this is an extremely self-obsessed post, though decide to continue anyway, since I don’t want to delete what I already wrote.
  7. Also realize that this post is sounding a bit (or lot?) like the blogging style of the blog I have been greedily reading since yesterday. But this also be because the said blogger also does a lot of lists.
  8. wondering whether this is what stream of consciousness is like? The thing is I seemed to understand the concept perfectly when I was a student, but don’t think I understood it much at all ever. May be just pretended to self. A bit like communism.
  9. Drinking coffee while making faces because I actually hate this coffee, and still ave 2-3 cups because I am bored, and then invariably complain of acidity every single day.
  10. Staring blankly at screen unable to decide whether I should end the post or think of something else, just to be able to add to this post.
  11. Decide to quit at this point before I feel guilty of too much self indulgence.

So, bye!

Edited to add: Since GM guessed the blog anyway, and a couple other readers happen to love the bride too, I might as well go ahead, tag thebride and let her in on theΒ fandom. :D.



  1. Haha. You are on fan girl mode. I checked out the said blogger’s archives and March 2007 tallied πŸ™‚ Stream of consciousness appears to be exactly what you are doing. You understand it very well indeed and I am pretty sure you understand communism too. I have full faith in you. And I don’t think this post is self-obsessed one bit, but I am surprised at how restrained you are when there is a package waiting for you at home. Plus today is Friday. Go, home. Flee πŸ™‚

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    1. GM: Hehe! I was so sure you’d crack it!

      That is so reassuring. Thank you! Although, communism I still don’t. 😦 I asked a few people to explain it to me, and they lost me (or they had a you’re hopelessly stupid look on their face) when I asked them why it felt so much like dictatorship. I gave up only.

      I HAD to restrain myself because I depend on another person to take me home. But I did go home a full one hour earlier than always. It was a handmade card from sis with a very very senti message which got me teared up.

      But then…Yay! It’s Friday! I don’t mean to sound like Rebecca Black at all. πŸ˜€


      1. Oh yes, I forgot about the car pool. Yeah, communism is counter-intuitive that way. So, I was lost on the Rebecca Black reference. I googled and the Friday song popped out. Nice song. if only I had known this sentiment could make me famous and a singer. I could have sung Bombay Velvet also for Amit Trivedi. The mind boggles at this lost opportunity.


      2. You watched “Friday”!! πŸ˜€ Now watch the parodies. They are creative and hilarious!

        Tell me about it. I even have that sort of nasal voice. I could totally come up with a Friday sequel: Saturday! Although Bollywood has that already right? Then Sunday!!


      3. Ha. I watched one. Think I have had enough πŸ˜€ Will go back to Varun Dhawan dancing to Saturday Saturday πŸ™‚ But, hope to at least become aware of references from the ‘other’ world from reading you.

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  2. I am with you on your point about coffee. I think what we get in our coffee machine is straight up poison. But I still drink it cuz I get bored. And it’s free. Sigh.
    When is budday? Happy birthday in advance!!

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  3. @MadeToMisfit: Yes, I have read this blog and I have my opinion on it..
    (Note: I am highly opinionated)
    hahahahah this is indeed such a small world.


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