I turned today. Had a very demented start to the day. A friend called and said hello in a very enthusiastic tone and I replied by saying “Happy Birthday” with equal enthusiasm, like Happy Birthday is a common greeting. And no, it’s not her birthday. Husband gave me a very weird look.

Then spent 45 minutes discussing where we could go for breakfast, but didn’t come to a definitive conclusion, and finally just landed up in Cafe Max rather listlessly. But before that, I spent a good 5 mins looking at my face in the mirror. I had a bleaching tragedy recently. I have a lot of facial hair, and had a pack of bleach lying with me for a good 7-8 months. So put it on last week, and must have done something wrong, because when you look at me from close distance, it looks like I have golden fur. I can totally compete with a Spaniel now. Somehow my facial hair seem a lot more when they are golden. Aarrrrggghhh!

Oh, and the sis had sent a lovely hand made card with a beautiful message, and also joked about how I’m almost 30 now. I didn’t feel sorry. 35 is my most sough-after age. For some reason, I find 35 and early forties extremely exciting ages to be.

I went to Levitate. GM had told me about this place. I had been wanting to get a silver nose pin since forever. I got one that I really liked. I also ended up buying a pretty brass earring, and a brass ring. So I totally stuck to the plan I made yesterday. Plus, I realized that this store has a LOT of the collection similar to a hand-made jewelry brand, JUNK,  I like. But they are overpriced and charge some additional Rs. 200 to ship stuff from Kolkata. When I saw the same designs at at least Rs. 300 less, I realized that JUNK might not be all that exceptional after all. And if a boutique on 100Ft. Road charges less than them, then they are REALLY over priced.

On the way back I threw a horrible tantrum for no reason. I thought the husband was speeding (he wasn’t), and the traffic was horrible. I blamed him for not being able to buy litchis on the roadside stall because he sped. He patiently turned the bike around to go to the stall(the stall was barely 100 metres from home), but I started yelling saying now I didn’t want it. I realized how unreasonable and stupid I was being in the next 5 minutes, and felt bad. Especially since you are supposed to show some sign of growing up on your Birthday at least. Massive failure.

Then came home and took selfies with every thing I got from the store and sent it to various people. Then made some vodka mojitos. As usual, head started aching after one drink (aarrgghhhh!), then slept for a good 2 hours.

Woke up, made Tamarind chutney for Ragada Patties tomorrow. Completed most prep for Thai Chicken noodle soup. This soup is my soul food. It’s light, delicious, and aromatic.

That’s really it. Now here I am blogging  about my day, which could just be any other day really. So my Birthday is almost over, except that technically, 28 years back, I wasn’t yet born. Was only on the way. :). Previously smiley cancel, because I realized that birthdays are mostly also the days when our mothers had gone through a LOT of pain to deliver us. Sob. 😦






  1. ROFL because this triggered another memory. My colleague went to wish our previous manager happy birthday and walked in waving her hands in the air singing Happy New Year much to his bewilderment. I was following her into his cabin and seeing what happened doubled up with painful laughter unable to move anymore. She is quite absent minded. I was snorting at frequent intervals the whole day after that just like I am snorting now after reading your first para.

    Sorry, but I can’t help but LOL at your facial hair tragedy description again 😀 Rubbing turmeric arrests and discourages hair growth so you might want to try that. It takes a long time for the results to show, but it works. My mother has never had to get anything done to her upper lip, ever.

    Is Cafe Max is the same place where we met? Yaar, you have the whole of Indiranagar at your feet and you pick Max again. I think you are entitled to throw tantrums on birthday. After all, we came wailing and yelling into the world.

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    1. I am ROFL now because I somehow find your colleague’s story even funnier. 😀

      Hehehehe…Even the husband kept laughing at me at intervals after looking at my facial hair the day I did it. Plus he knew the exact angle from where you can see it. 😀 Do I just rub dry turmeric powder? Or mix with water or something? I am going to try. I have seen a couple of home remedies, but didn’t try because no proof. Since this is tried and tested, I am committing to doing this religiously.

      I know! And I had already had breakfast at Max before, so felt bad. Plus sulked because their rates are quite high, and they also have loads of taxes. I had thought of going to Boca Grande in Koramangala. I really wanted a breakfast buffet, but couldn’t decide or even find many options. Then I changed my mind and decided to have Paper Dosa. So went to A2B since a lot of colleagues had spoken about it, but didn’t know that there isn’t much seating there but those high tables where you stand and any random stranger can join you if there’s rush. Ugh! So, took a U-turn and came to Max. 😦

      Hehehe…I feel better now. 😀


      1. Mix besan with haldi and whenever you are bathing or washing your face, wet the mixture and rub it on the upper lip area. Do it everyday. I am lazy and stopped doing it a long time ago so I have a faint downy upper lip, but mum has nothing. She does not even use soap on her face. Only this mixture. I also used to do it in my teens, but found myself using soap to wash of the yellow tinge so stopped.

        Yeah A2B and all are darhsini style. Quick affairs. Stand, eat, and go. A2B does have seating upstairs, but I think that is for a fuller meal.


      2. Oh cool! I’ll do this.Don’t have it so much on the upper lip as the cheeks. So will have to work the besan in quite a bit.

        I didn’t know they had an upstairs seating. I’ll go sometime. I crave for typical thali meals at times.


  2. Happy happy birthday!
    I have had moments of ‘same to you’ or ‘wish you the same’ when someone has wished me on mine. Haha
    Pepper had a similar tantrum-ey event on her bday. And so have I had many times. It’s okie.

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    1. Thank you! 🙂

      I feel so much better now. I was sooo embarrassed yesterday.

      Hehehe…looks like it’s not really a birthday if you don’t go into the tantrum throwing mood for a few minutes at least. 😀


  3. Many happy returns of the day.. (belated now).. Wish you lots of luck and happiness for the year ahead….
    Important things first:

    1. I had a lot of facial hair at one point so I decided to go for Brazilian wax on my face.. It has worked wonders because now my face looks cleaner and also I am a half marathoner and that means training/ running outside a lot and that leaves with all teenage years problems (again).. It is safer, does not burn and works well if you have acne (In my case just some leftover scars)..

    2. Secondly, yeah I had a similar problem I was quite stuck on buying jewelry from a particular overpriced boutique until I realized my Stupidity. I have lived in Hyderabad, B’lore, Pune and now I know those little tucked in boutiques pretty well :).. I was in the UK recently and was in Brighton for some “flea-market-quirky” shopping. I really liked a pair of earrings but was just thinking in my head and suddenly the lady in charge said ” Ohh they are from India… you should buy them”
    The Indian in me started doing the Pound-INR math and realized that they were way too overpriced. I later told her that I was an Indian (Which she didn’t realize) and would rather buy them from India.. I am pretty sure she was pissed..

    3. 28 is young and bright.. and it’s a good number to be at.
    This is where I blogged about turning 30.. Not sure if it will resonate with you:



    1. Thank you! 🙂

      Is brazilian wax a different type of wax? I thought it was just a method and always associated with waxing the pubic area. 😛

      Yes, these offbeat boutiques are unreasonable pricey. I am not surprised by how ridiculously priced they might be in UK. Have you tried charity shops in UK? They are brilliant. I would go very often. Have found some great pendants. They are second-hand though. But I am okay with that.

      Will read your post. 🙂


      1. Actually its a special wax for which you dont need the wax strips.. It dries out and can be peeled off like a mask.. Painless, does not leave any marks and the growth reduces over a period of time since it plucks from the base.. I thought the beautician was pitching it to me because it was slightly expensive. I tried out a couple of times and it works.. More like Katori wax. Funnily I never tried the Brazilian wax for my nether regions.. I stick to the conventional ones honeybee, chocolate, rica etc..

        I tried Oxfam there mainly for books and jewelry. Also, Brighton’s shopping scene is quite vibrant – something like Anjuna Beach flea market at a larger scale..


      2. Oh okay. I know katori wax. I tried it, but it got too tedius as it kept thickening every few mins. I’ll check brazilian. Yeah, I use honeybee as well. Haven’t tried chocolate. Any good?

        Yeah, Oxfam would have good stuff.


  4. Hey, I read your last post a couple of days back and was in the process of typing a comment but I guess never got around to sending it. I see that you have pwd protected it now… What’s your email ID? I will send it over..


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