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Edited to add: See the section titled Edit/Addition below.

Just came across this Myntra ad featuring a lesbian couple, on this site.

This is a first. And it’s surprisingly understated. They are not trying to make a statement, they’re not trying to be deliberately different, the dialogues are simple, the actors are relatable. I have a new-found respect for Myntra and the clothing brand Anouk.

What I liked the best is that it’s so confidently and yet plainly executed that I don’t seem to find a single loophole to either start a debate or criticize it. It’s a very courageous step for the brand and as far as I’m concerned it speaks volumes of the progressiveness of the management.

Watched it yet? What did you think?


So in the last 24 hours since I watched this ad, my opinion about it has changed somewhat.

  1. On watching it again I found it to be a very ordinary ad, but I still do admire the brand’s courage in even broaching such a topic.
  2. I was wrong in thinking this was the first ad featuring in India featuring a gay couple. The article that GM shared with me made me realize that this is in fact the third.
  3. On watching the other two ads, I realized that I liked the other two better, because they ACTUALLY made a statement, and a statement I liked.
  4. Again the same article that GM shared, opened a few more perspectives about this ad, and I agree with some of them quite a bit. I agree with one of the interviewees that this does look at a certain class of women. But all the same, the brand Anouk does have the kind of clothing that caters to a particular set of women who come from a certain economic and social background: upper middle class, liberal, educated, independent, progressive. So as an ad, I still have nothing against whom they decided to market it to.
  5. As an ad, they don’t really have to show problems that women face, neither are they a brand in any way associated with gender equality and feminism. So I am okay if they didn’t highlight the everyday problems lesbian women have to face.
  6. A very very relevant point I thought the article made was that lesbian women don’t always come in twos just like heterosexuals are not necessarily identified by whether or not they’re a couple. I’d be very interested in how the ad could have shown a single lesbian woman.
  7. I also agree with another point that the women have been largely shown as acting like friends rather than a couple. This is an interesting point. And when I look at the sort of the conversation they have from a heterosexual perspective, I find it a little bit phony. As a heterosexual couple, I don’t find myself talking to the husband in that kind of tone, nor do we have the kind of  “cool” mornings shown in the ad. But I am willing to accept that it could just be that we are very unromantic people, who just don’t talk in that kind of tone.

If you are reading this addition to the blog, you must also read this article that inspired a change in my previous perception of the ad.



  1. Yeah, I watched it this morning. They are a series of three ads. This was certainly a nice move, but I kept feeling nervous knowing they were going to break the news to their parents and hoping it would end well for them. Also, did you notice the related video suggestions from YouTube after the video ended? All soft porn stuff. My sister just pointed it out. My favorite one is the video of a single mother’s. Given society’s general reaction towards single women, that one resonated with me very meaningfully. I do wish Myntra would go back to being website plus app though.

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    1. Oh I didn’t know it was a series. So the single mom is part of these three?

      I didn’t notice the suggested videos on YouTube. Actually, I didn’t go to YouTube. Watched it on folomojo.

      I know! I wish Myntra was available on PC like before. I can’t possibly download all the apps I shop from. Ugh!


      1. Yes, the one where she moves into a society with her daughter. The third is about a woman trying to fend off an overbearing man at a bar. Myntra does very interesting things. Have you seen this video of their workplace in Bangalore? Very apt for the niche that they are in, though it gives me terrible Las Vegas and Hotel California vibes.


      2. Ooo…I am very curious to see the video but I think it would be wise not to from the office. People might think I’m so happy that I’m looking at potential employers offices. 😀

        Hotel like vibes doesn’t quite sound like a place you might want to work in though, 😀


      3. Hahaha. I can imagine the curiosity it might generate among your colleagues. Yes, have always felt that way about Google too with all its amenities and great work environment giving people little chance to leave its premises which translates into crazy work schedules. From the video, I was wondering if Myntra employees even know what time of the day it is outside once they are in.


      4. I just read the article. I liked it quite a bit. It also changed my first perception of the ad. After watching it again, I had changed my mind about it. This article added to it. I even edited my post to add a section about what I feel about the ad now.


      5. I completely agree that because it was an ad, one does not expect it to address problems. They should be able to cater to any demographic without having to necessarily argue all sides of an issue.

        Also, can’t help thinking that the reason they may have made it a little fluid and tentpoled it between two friends/lesbian partners is that homosexuality is illegal in India. Maybe, this way, in case of trouble, they can get away with arguing that they can’t control viewer’s perception or reading of the relationship between the two women.


      6. And yes. I loved that women’s point that lesbians don’t always have to come in twos. I immediately sat up to read the rest of what she had to say. So articulate and insightful.


    1. I hope so. I have seen so much hatred dolled out to people who “seem” homosexuals. People do this even when they are not sure of the other person’s sexual preferences. 😦


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