I want to live like Julia Child

I cannot remember the number of times I have watched the movie Julie and Julia. It’s undoubtedly one of my most favorite movies about food and cooking (correction, THE most favorite…because well, Meryl Streep).

I feel so positive and relaxed when I watch this movie. I don’t think I have ever gotten bored of this movie, except for those parts with Julie’s story, which I have no respect for.

But coming back to Julia Child, and Meryl Streep in particular, every time I watch this movie, I’m amazed at Streep’s potent acting. I haven’t watched any of real Julia Child’s shows, but I did watch a small clip and Meryl Streep has to be the only person who can do justice to the character. What I am about to say is more about Meryl Streep and Julia in this movie, rather than Julia Child herself.

Julia and Paul Child are such a lovely couple. I want to grow old like them…with the same kind of joie de vivre and the same passion and pure love for each other. I want to retain that kind of zest for life forever. Sometimes I fear I am too jaded already at a very young age. But this movie is an inspiration for how a happy and fulfiling life would be for me. Julia’s childlike enthusiasm and sheer joy on chopping opinions before anyone else in her Cordon Bleu class is almost palpable and immensely contagious, as is her sheer dedication to the art and science of cooking. I love the parts where she is shown to retain her childlike romantic attitude towards her husband, and the way in which he reciprocates it. She is a misfit in France, in terms of her looks, manner of speaking and body language, but is far too big a person to take that to heart and become subdued.

I know I keep coming back to this point, but I simple LOVE the chemistry between Julia and her husband. They are so different and yet so together. That’s the kind of mature love I hope to share with the husband even 20 years down the line when we are no longer newly marrieds. It’s amazing how they both boost each other’s confidence all the time and encourage the other to pursue their individual dreams. I could ramble on for hours, but I want to go back to the rest of the movie.

Cheers Julia Child!



  1. The best best best movie…
    Meryl Streep is a star and the way she has portrayed the character it feels so real..

    I love her theory that fat brings flavor to food..


    1. That’s exactly my theory. I use full fat milk rather than skim, use real butter instead of low fat or margarine. I believe in eating foods that are in their natural form, not modified by humans. Cows don’t give skim milk so I don’t drink that. I can’t subscribe to the theory that healthy food should be low on carbs or fat. Instead, it should be in its most natural form. Love this movie and if I could, I’d want to live in the French countryside for a few months, with a wicker basket in my hand as I go to the market to drool over the fresh produce and the bakery with its freshly baked bread 🙂


      1. I agree..
        I had an Italian friend who always said the reason why Italian food is so flavorful compared to British food was because they (Italians) cooked in little butter whereas the British used a lot of margarine to get the same flavor as they would get from butter resulting in oily and less flavorful food.

        Yes, I am from the same school of thought and have some ground rules:

        1. No processed sugar except for cakes..
        2. No Margarine and no substituting honey with sugar.. I would rather go sugarless than putting shit loads of honey to get the same flavor
        3. If I am having paranthe I will have them with Ghee/ white butter instead of cooking them in Olive oil..
        4. I work out a lot and need proteins but no powders for me.. I would much rather go for the natural sources..

        Also, your body understand certain types of food ingredients because of your conditioning/ upbringing and uprooting it every other day doesn’t help..

        Uff, enough said.

        Btw, I lived in Nice (Southern France) for a few days and it was just so beautiful!

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      2. My husband is a fitness professional and he goes by the same theory. We eat everything we like, but it’s all home cooked with real ingredients. He groans inwardly anytime someone asks him for a protein powder recommendation 🙂


      3. Oh yes! Wicker basket in hand and going to hunt for the freshest produce in the local market is such a pretty picture. I experienced this in a way when I was in Southern Spain. I lived with a friend in a little village near Granada, and one day I went cycling along the the fields and we picked tomatoes and peppers. The best tomatoes of my life. Huge, ripe, juicy and all natural. None of the hybrid stuff. I remember eating it with olive oil, garlic and bread. Ahhaaaaaahaaa


  2. @SA: Even I don’t buy that cook everything in olive oil craze. Moderation is the key and we have been eating peanut and sesame and all other Indian oils for generations. So I’d rather use less and flavorful peanut oil for Indian cooking, than substitute it with olive oil. Don’t get me wrong, I love olive oil, but only extra virgin in raw form in salads and dips.


    1. @Madetomisfit: I think under this health umbrella a lot of things have been abused. You know Olive oil loses its properties if heated at a high temperature ( Definitely, not suited for Indian cooking)..
      I have been reading about Coconut oil debate ever since I entered in to my teens.. The thing is every other week there is a new research which negates the previous one.. So I think Moderation is the word..!

      I feel so passionate about this subject..


      1. Oh me too! And I even tend to try new things, but then there are so many that I invariably come back to what comes naturally to me. Plus it helps that I have never really been fond of deep fried, unhealthy stuff. The only exception being potato chips. Those I can conveniently eat big packs of. 😛


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