The Scandalous Lady W

Seymour Worsely, by her own admission, was unfortunate to be born in the age of men, where she refused to belong to any man. A riveting true story of an incredibly liberated and modern woman who refused to give in to her horribly entitled and misogynist husband who made her sleep with several men to satisfy his voyeuristic desires of watching them through the keyhole. She happened to fall deeply in love with one of the men and eloped with him. Refused a divorce by the husband, she went through a humiliating trial to make her point, only to be later abandoned for the love of her life, for whom she did it all. Seymour Worseley was finally granted a divorce but had to pay a hefty price for her own self worth and freedom. Although, she is my hero for having reclaimed her marital dowry and adopted her maiden name, Fleming. She also went on to marry a man 21 years her junior. She did not take his name, he did hers.

Oh, did I mention that this is an 18th century true story?

Just finished watching the telefilm The Scandalous Lady W with Natalie Dormer as the fascinating Seymour. I already like Dormer from Game of Thrones, with this, I might well be on the way to becoming her fan.

The Scandalous Lady W (2015) Poster

My dear readers, if you haven’t watched this already, I insist you do.



      1. Didn’t like it. Wasted chance on an interesting concept. The name of the film is Two Raging Grannies, btw. I gave you partial information.


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