Not Giving a f%$#

You’d think that not giving a f%&# about unimportant people and events would be an easy thing, especially with the phrase itself sounding so breezy and effortless. But believe me, it’s harder than it would seem.

I would give anything to be able to have that attitude. The effortless and cool existence. Unaffected, untouched by the mediocrity and ignorance around you. But no. It’s dam hard. Harder than most of the things I try to achieve in my life. I seriously envy people who are so comfortable in their own skin that what others would say doesn’t deter them at all. In fact, I often even admire fools who have the confidence of putting their foolishness out there without the fear of being judged. In a way, it’s rather charming to see someone so ignorant that they don’t even realize their ignorance. And I am not saying this sarcastically. Wouldn’t the world be a much better place if people who actually know what they are saying had this sort of confidence?

I feel extremely limited by by disability to not give a f%&#. So yes, I give way too many of them. I am bothered by a stupid statement made by a neighbor, by the ignorance of a colleague, and some such. I take logic so much for granted that anything less has my temper flying around uncontrollably (only in my head though), which makes my head so freaking heavy. Regular readers may have observed how my posts increasingly touch upon my frustrations with the mundane life, that it’s not even funny anymore. I may even go see a shrink sometime to help me deal with this. But I am a bit skeptical because I know how those sessions go. Eventually, it comes down to making changes within yourself, the inability of which itself is my problem.

I read a really cool article this morning about learning to not give a f%$#. Can you believe I actually googled, “learning not to give a f%$#”? Husband couldn’t stop laughing when he heard this. He thought that’s where my problem was. If only I found other things to be interested in like Sports in his case. Sighhh!!



  1. Take a break, R! Go back to school or try learning something new like pottery. It is calming. I went to a course at Clay Station, the instructor was not good, but I enjoyed the little I did. Their main branch is in HSR Layout. Sometimes you have to make a clean break with what you do to reorient yourself. Yes, it is often our own selves that need work on and it doesn’t happen without tough decisions. If the severity of what you feel worries you then do consider taking up a weekend course or something to recharge. There is a lot happening that will help you stop thinking about people. They are problematic, but don’t let them get you down.

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  2. If your arm hurts right now, it’s cuz I gave you a giant ‘same pinch’!!! I have googled ‘how to not give a F’, ‘how to come up with comebacks at right time’ and other mad stuff so many times!!


    1. hahahahaha! That’s awesome. I’m not the only weirdo then!

      I have such a problem with comeback answers. I come up with super sharp and witty ones a few minutes too late. arrgghhhhhhhh.


  3. You’re not the only one. I’ve always had the fear of people judging me. I’m like a pendulum though. Sometimes I don’t give a damn at all, sometimes I’m very touchy. The only thing that helps me is reminding myself that people shouldn’t be taken seriously. Other than that I just bury all my fingers in a lot of interesting pies to keep my mind off things 🙂


    1. I have tried so hard, but I keep thiking about even what the most hateful person said or did. I wish I had the I give damn attitude. Interesting, I was like that, and even a bit intimidating till the age of 21-22. God knows what happened after. Pies! Oh yes!


      1. I know. That is truly the age when we’re confident and fearless. I think as we move along in life our experiences unfortunately teach us to be fearful of everything. I’m trying to go back to who I was at that age too.


      1. Oh yes!! I couldnt agree more. I was talking to my sister the other day, and she was like how can you even keep thinking about what you have already established as stupid. I get her point completely, but what comes to her naturally, is hard for me even with effort. 😦 I wonder if it’s really possible to completely rewire the brain.


      2. You may not need to completely rewire. You may need to find other priorities, so you can be so busy that the mundane doesn’t bother you. Like running perhaps? or baking? or something else? I cook when I am stressed out about something. 🙂


  4. I hear you sistah..

    I have the same problem..

    Imagine, since yesterday I am down because a friend of mine with whom I lunch nowadays at work said something. My usual reaction is to back off for somedays but this time I am not able to do it.. 😦

    So I have to tolerate her everyday and its making go insane.. 😦

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