Hope from 2016

Like I said earlier, I am not making any resolutions this year. But there are a couple of things I have in mind that I hope to work towards and achieve. Calling something a resolution gives it an inflexible quality in my head, and it’s this sort of inflexibility that I am hoping to eliminate from my life this year.

So, here are a few things I want to achieve, and the only reason to pen them down is to have a list I can go back to in case I forget.

  1. Get into the scientific study of nutrition and health. I love all things diet and nutrition: reading about it, cooking holistically, trying different grains and millets, veggies, oils, salts, what have you…, understanding various eating philosophies, understanding what food does and doesn’t do to our bodies. I read about everything related to eating well and living a wellness-inspired lifestyle, that I might as well look for some distance courses to boost up my mere interest.
  2. Eliminate a constant feeling of insecurity and anxiety. I really hope to grow on a personal level into a balanced and well rounded person. A part of that would include living in the moment and not stressing about what the future outcome of a current undesirable situation might be. I have plenty of inspiration at hand to look up to. Dad, sis and husband are classic examples. Mum is also a deeply content person who doesn’t get affected by things like status anxiety.
  3. Focus more on fitness. I already do regular exercise,  but I want to strive towards having a more active lifestyle rather than just doing bursts of intense physical activity 4-5 times a week.
  4. Read more and diversity reading topics. I mostly read fiction and that too of a specific kind. This year I want to diversify that and pick up books without prejudice and judgment.
  5. Find ways to connect with people. I pretty much constantly oscillate between feelings of superiority and inferiority complexes, which compromises my ability to be friends with people who are not like me. Which brings me to the next point.
  6. Be accepting of people who are not exactly like me. I realized that as much as I like to think I am not judgmental, I am bitterly so in case of people who are not what I deem rational and progressive. While I think that rationality and progressiveness is what all societies should consistently drive towards, it’s really wrong to discard people who don’t fit the bill. Because let’s face it, I am a result of my social setup and conditioning which by a stroke of unbelievable good luck was the best one could get. So, while I can’t force myself to like people or agree with their views, I can definitely make an attempt to be civil and calm when I deal with them. Which brings me to the next point again.
  7. Listen more, speak less. Need I say anymore?
  8. Work towards de-addicting from all kinds of social media and compulsive dependence on the internet. Again, this brings to my next point.
  9. Cultivate more patience. I have never been an example of calm demeanor and patience. But the internet and easy availability of just about anything has made me more impatient. I noticed that the moment I find myself in the middle of a conversation that is either boring or related to subjects I don’t care about, I start scrolling the net for interesting stuff to read. This easy access and flipping from one activity to another definitely adds up in making your patience takes a back seat.
  10. Work on relationships. I used to think that I don’t like people and prefer to be on my own all the time. This is partly true. But it’s not that I don’t like people in general, just that I like very specific kind of people. I am consciously going to work on fostering relations I care about and make an attempt to reach out to people, even if that doesn’t come naturally to me. It doesn’t even have to be new people. Just people I love dearly but take for granted…like my grandparents.
  11. Not overthink stuff. I have decided to give less fucks about stuff that doesn’t really matter. I have a tendency to over analyze every little detail about stuff and then end up feeling guilty about it for hours. I am going to develop a rational attitude towards not dwelling on things in the past that have already happened and can’t be changed, but will focus more on not repeating the same mistakes or errors in judgment again.
  12. Accept reality and things that are beyond my control. I have always had problems accepting the status quo and stressing myself crazy asking why and how. But since it’s easier to accept the situation to deal with it better, I am going to develop a coping mechanism to deal with unpleasant truths and realities that I can do very little to change, or for which I have no inclination to spend enough time to bring about any change.

There. I have made a list of what I think is important, no essential, to be a better version of myself. Here’s hoping that I find the positivity to inculcate this and make micro-level changes in myself.

Dear readers, is there anything you hope to change in yourself or in your life this year? What are you looking forward to?





  1. Such a nice list. And there seems to be one for each month of the year 🙂 I can almost picture you emerging from this with shiny sparkly wings of contentment, health, prosperity, friendships, and more added to your existing reserves. I am not sure what to do or where to begin. Am going to coast on auto mode for sometime and just be, to let time just do its thing for a little while where my only responsibility is to get through a day with some amount of productivity. So, that’s my story. Wish you the best with your list and I hope it takes you where you want to be.


    1. Oh right! I didn’t notice there were 12 points. I hope I can stick to what I hope to achieve. 🙂

      Oh I need to add that as well. To be okay with just being and actually actively practise that state of mind where you are not constantly striving for something or brooding over something else. I wish you all the best to just be and let time take over. 🙂


  2. that’s a great list.. I would request you to share about nutrition courses, if you come across something good and doable with a full time job. Have you read rujuta’s books ? I kind of like them very much..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! Thanks! 🙂

      I have read Rujuta’s books. Yeah, they are quite nice. The only one I didn’t like was “Women and the Weightloss Tamasha.” It was very similar to the first book I thought.

      I’ll let you know of the courses. I found one on edX. It’s called NUTR101x. Basics of nutrition.


  3. Wow, where have you guys been all this while. I don’t think I have read someone be so honest about themselves in the blogging world. I remember reading this post a while ago, so I am surprised I didn’t comment then.

    The fact that you even think about all these things that matter to you, I know you are already better for it. Here’s to a great 2016.

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    1. Thank you. 🙂 I have always been brutally honest in analyzing myself. Unfortunately, it stops at analyzing and no further action is taken. 😦 I hope this year is different. 🙂

      To a great 2016! Cheers!

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  4. Number 6 is really hard for me as well. As a feminist, I know several educated women who complain about inequality in various aspects of their lives, but cannot shrug off their social conditioning; the very thing that keeps them trapped in various unequal relationships.

    It’s easier for me to respect people who have conservative views, but who are authentic and genuine and unapologetic about them.


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