From lazy mornings to frustrating days, from food to psycho-analysis, from travel to just being a home turtle, this is my space to write about anything that fascinates, irks, irritates, arouses, angers, pleases, depresses or excites me. But most of all, this the space I have created to make myself write, to discipline myself and eventually, if possible, to become an engaging writer.

This is my space to write just about my routinely boring but sometimes ridiculously interesting life. I don’t promise an exceptional reading experience, but if you are bored and have patience to read through my random ramblings, I’m sure you’ll find something that will make you smile, a candid confession that will uplift your spirit, a simple recipe for dinner for 1, or simply a piece of bad writing which on criticizing will make you feel better! πŸ˜‰

As much as I’d like to believe I’m writing only for myself, I’m in no denial of how much I’d love it if you actually read through my posts and genuinely liked them.





  1. I found myself in your short story. ..have to say…I’m panicking now that I have put a diagnostic on it. I’ve been trying for a long time now to find something satisfying in my life…Instead I keep chasing for what the future might bring me…always living there and never in the present because there is nothing happening now good enaugh to keep me here. Always daydreaming. …oh I’m such a drama queen


    1. I hear you sister. My life has never been about the present. I have pretty much everything one might need to be happy now. Great people, steady job, privileged upbringing, liberty to do as I please, but I always feel this void, like I am looking for things that exist only in my imagination. It takes a LOT of hard work to learn to live in the NOW. I hope we get there sometime.


  2. I have been reading this book…have no idea why I stopped…it’s called “the power of now” amazingly interesting. Read half of it…panicked again…then I stopped…guess life got in the way :). Thanks for your support and words. Keep on the yoga and meditation. You re verify lucky to be able to practice it. It’s bloody difficult. Cheers!

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