2013 in retrospect is the year

  1. I completed a year of professional life
  2. I got my body back to a healthy if not ideal weight
  3. I started doing 60 suryanamaskars effortlessly
  4. I started pickling
  5. I got a facial for the first time ever
  6. I got married
  7. I went to a resort with my partner/husband for the first time in our 9 years of being together
  8. I moved to Bangalore
  9. I started blogging
  10. I got an almost professional oven
  11. I baked more bread than ever before
  12. I watched more new series than ever before: Mildred Pierce, Game of Thrones, Episodes, Girls, Breaking Bad, How I met your mother, Lipstick Jungle and Dexter (still watching)
  13. I got a Kindle e-reader
  14. I read a lot more than in 2012. I guess I read just 2-3 books in all of 2012. Shameful!!
  15. Is the year I started hating my first job