The weeks that were

It’s high time this space saw some action, however erratic or random it may seem. While going through a couple of my favourite blogs, it dawned on me how I had almost abandoned this space which for a good part of 2013 was my sanctum of peace. And here I am again, lest I forget myself that I have a blog…a teeny tiny insignificant but very important space where I can scream if I have to or just frolic around if I want to.

The last couple of weeks have been manic on one hand but largely placid and action-less on the other…a matter of perspective really! I don’t know whether it’s mental peace and a good sign to have nothing much to say at all…or an alarming sign of mental degeneration and apathy. So anyway, a large part of the time I have been absent was spent in getting the hang of the new role I mentioned in one of the previous posts. And then, our manager visited for a week which was a very busy time. Or it was the time I was busy pretending how busy I was. Then my little sister CC visited…the rest I barely remember. The time when she’s around goes off in a jiffy without any of us doing anything even remotely productive.

By the time CC left, it was almost mid-May and we were all busy thinking of a wedding in the family. It was something we all looked forward to as one of our most favourite family member was getting married and at a time when we had all assumed that he would never marry. So the entire family was all excited and happy. I had more reason to be interested in the wedding because it was pretty much like my wedding at around the same time last year, and executed in much the same way. The only difference being he and his wife had a register marriage while my husband and I had a reception first, clicked a couple of weddingy pictures with makeup and a bouquet and got it registered a couple of days later. But I was anticipating and reminiscing my marriage just a year before and couldn’t wait to be part of this one.

While I was wrapping up work and packing and stuff, I came face to face with a terrible loss in the life of a very dear friend and colleague. Her husband passed away at a young age of 39 and it was something very hard for any of us to fathom. I had never seen my friend in such a vulnerable state and it just tore my heart to see her like that. It also made me realise that what’s worse than death is the loss of hope it brings, but more about that later.

By the time the shock of this sudden loss had subsided, we were already back home a day or two before the much anticipated wedding. The house already seemed full with the grand parents visiting and the general air bustling with energy and festivity. It was quite fun. As much as we all enjoyed the wedding, the exhaustion of executing an event with about 700 people had already started being visible even though I wasn’t directly involved in any preparations. All we including the bride and the groom wanted was some peaceful chilled out time with close friends. That’s exactly what we did on the day after the wedding. A close-knit group of us six went to Panhala, a beautiful little hill station quite close from where we grew up. That was one of the best days of the trip back home. Plus it also happened to be my birthday, so I had a good time in general. The sensational rustic food, served by the caretaker of the property we stayed at in Panhala, was the cherry on top.

We returned the next after leaving the newly-weds to have some alone time and get over the mental and physical exhaustion; and finally start a married life involving the relevant people and not the entire extended families. Back home, I settled into a dull and depressed mood over the thought of returning to Bangalore…my usual place and bunch. I have stayed away from home since I was 17, but the thought of leaving my home causes this stir every single time and leads me to practically spoil my last day home before returning to my current home.

We finally returned at the beginning of this week,  much tired yet refreshed. Back at work, too much had piled up, but I worked like crazy for two days and came back on track. Before I realised it, it was the weekend and yesterday was out first wedding anniversary. The husband is not a very creative person when it comes to romantic expression or surprises, but it’s good that he has friends who get that. While we were just spending a lazy morning doing nothing in particular, his friends from work paid a surprise visit with a lovely cake. That pretty much made my day. But we did our part to somewhat celebrate our day and had a relaxed lunch followed by some nice liquour shopping, a superb nap and a laid back evening watching Veep over some Scotch.

This pretty much sums the little that I have been up to until now. And I feel great right now for getting over my laziness and lethargy and writing something as a gesture towards not abandoning my blog. 🙂