Of beer and buddyhood

I went to Toit straight after work yesterday. I was in an abnormally uplifted mood the entire day yesterday with the thought of going to Toit with our first out-station guest…none other than our favourite person N—friend, family, confidant all rolled in one.

EM had his weekly off yesterday and N had already reached home by afternoon. The chaddi buddies went ahead to Toit and asked me to join them after work. It was quite fun. I actually don’t even like beer. I do love the idea of gulping down chilled beer on hot afternoons, watching sports. But I don’t like beer or Sports. Anyway, I had a Bloody Mary while EM tried 3 beers and made N try 2.

We chatted about stupid, idiot people—our pet topic in the entire world perhaps, then a little more about morally bankrupt douchebags, then a bit more about people who fit the category of ‘jerkdom all rounders’. But then when the beer had cooled our tempers we also talked about lighter stuff like food, recipes et al. I nagged the boys to finish their beers soon as I was excited about the package of baking supplies I got delivered at Toit and couldn’t wait to immediately put my new muffin tray to use.

Then we went home and watched random videos, chatting while I baked. The batch of cinnamon mini muffins turned out pretty well and EM and N pounced on them when all I meant to do was show how cute they looked. That’s success, right? Then we ate while we made fun of Nigella’s just-a-teeny tiny-bit-of-oil turning into a never ending stream and discussed how great her show is to watch but how neither of us would eat most of the stuff. And then I drifted off…no idea what the buddies did after that.

This morning on my way to work, I couldn’t help but wonder (I sound exactly like Carrie Bradshaw 😀 ), isn’t life what happens to you at the most unexpected of times? Isn’t it but a collection of moments of buddyhood, food, love, animals, laughter, torrent of tears? Simple moments like yesterday, of unassuming, uncomplicated friendships? All the time I keep thinking of life=doing things you love, but I felt that maybe it’s not what you do, but what happens to you. It’s probably what happens to you when you are not thinking about life and trying to philosophize about what it is and what it should be. It is that little dance you do in your head when the fruit vendor gives you an extra plum, it’s that glee when a dog that paid no attention to you before, suddenly acknowledges your presence and gives you a friendly lick, it’s the realization of how someone else thinks exactly like you, it’s what stirs you in the slightest of ways really. What do you think?