body butters

DIY beauty time

So, one thing I have known about myself for a while is that I am crazy :P. Yes, I become possessed with some idea and follow-up insanely until I move on to the next. Doesn’t mean that I go back to the previous one, just that the excitement wears of and I settle into some sort of routine with it. This year, first it was fitness (but that’s pretty much a constant for me), then it was blogging, then making breads and now it’s making homemade cosmetics.

Since the last few weeks, I’ve completely given into making and using beauty products I make at home. I have been reading up on natural bodycare quite a bit. Have always been quite enthused by the idea of wholesomeness and wellness. This time, I took it up a notch. I have been using my own homemade body butter, lip balms and deodorants for the last one month, and man, that feels good! I love the idea of consuming products without any parabens, harmful chemicals and in general processed stuff and where I know where every single ingredient comes from. Plus, the permutations and combinations you can do are endless. I always feel at loss when I think of how little control we have over our own lives. It’s really hard to switch to a completely organic lifestyle, especially with budgetary and time constraints. But I feel so much more healthy now that I have started making little changes wherever I can. Some things you have no complete control over, like pollution, complete removal of harmful chemicals from your life, but little baby steps in the direction sure feel good.

I have spent quite some time lately in making these products and I never thought that I would actually sell some. It feels great when people actually show interest in your stuff. There’s an organic shop here that I have been going to lately. The lady there wondered why I got so much organic coconut oil. When I told her why, she offered to display my products. Woohoooo. Of course, I haven’t taken it any further, because I then started thinking of a logo to identify my stuff with. I don’t even know where this might go. But it sure feels great. I have been using different body butters during different times of the day and I feel cool. You see, with all the experiments, I land up with quite a variety for home use. 😀

So yeah, DIY stuff is cool, it’s even cooler when you can have people you care about switch to a cleaner personal care routine. Here’s a logo I designed the other day. Nothing final yet, but the idea itself has given me quite a high. 🙂 Plus I realised that irrespective of how much success I get in this, the time invested thinking about it, working on it and dreaming about it is a good experience in itself, enriching too ;).