2013 in retrospect is the year

  1. I completed a year of professional life
  2. I got my body back to a healthy if not ideal weight
  3. I started doing 60 suryanamaskars effortlessly
  4. I started pickling
  5. I got a facial for the first time ever
  6. I got married
  7. I went to a resort with my partner/husband for the first time in our 9 years of being together
  8. I moved to Bangalore
  9. I started blogging
  10. I got an almost professional oven
  11. I baked more bread than ever before
  12. I watched more new series than ever before: Mildred Pierce, Game of Thrones, Episodes, Girls, Breaking Bad, How I met your mother, Lipstick Jungle and Dexter (still watching)
  13. I got a Kindle e-reader
  14. I read a lot more than in 2012. I guess I read just 2-3 books in all of 2012. Shameful!!
  15. Is the year I started hating my first job

Resolutions 2014

It’s been ages since I stopped making resolutions or stopped writing them down anyway. But because of my new-found love for making lists, I’m going to make a list of all the things I want to start doing or do differently. Plus it really helps to have a list handy rather than trying to remember everything you decided to do. Most of my resolutions have a starting date of 2nd Jan 2014, for obvious reasons. January 1 is always spent dealing with hangover, gluttony, oversleeping and such other things, the opposites of which always make it to your resolutions list.

So here’s my list in a random order.

  1. Get at least 20 minutes of exercise everyday.
  2. Lose 3 kilos to reach ideal, healthy weight. Make husband gain at least 10 kilos for him to reach a healthy if not ideal body weight.
  3. Read at least 2 books a month.
  4. Blog more, a lot more. And make a conscious effort to focus on crisper, objective and clearer writing. Although since this is my personal blog, occasional frequent rants are allowed. The bottom line is: WRITE woman WRITE!
  5. Become a mistress of bread making. Which means experiment a lot more and document every single recipe till I stumble upon a foolproof one.
  6. Take the weekend home bakery project seriously and start selling at least 2 loaves every weekend.
  7. Do whatever it takes to hold back from reacting immediately to any situation.
  8. Tone down the impulsiveness, short-temper and tendency to mull over things beyond personal control.
  9. Try to be cool and composed. Not the phony, serious, know-it-all bitch like, Just genuinely cool and relaxed.
  10. Try to behave more maturely and not confide in every single person and share minute details on ALL my thoughts and feelings.
  11. Learn to be happy irrespective of job stress, traffic, annoying people, gross men on the streets, irritating autowallas…you get the drift.
  12. Drink vegetable juice everyday (I love the one with tomatoes, carrot, beetroot, celery, lime juice, kala namak and pepper) without being too lazy to make it.
  13. Enroll for salsa, jive or zumba lessons.
  14. Start practising Spanish regularly before forgetting it altogether. Read Pedro Páramo in Spanish to begin with (because currently this is the only Spanish novel I have).
  15. Stop having coffee just because bored at work.

More points to be added by 31st Dec as and when I am inspired by something.

My favourite stuff

Inspired by the Bride’s post on Favourite Things, I decided to make a list of my own too, especially because making lists is one of my favourite things really. I really wanted to call this post Favourite Things, but then it would be copying, not just inspiration. 😛

So anyway, here it goes:

  • Breakfast buffets
  • Waking up in the morning in my parents’ house and when it’s not the day I have to leave to come back here
  • Perfumes: smelling them, reading about them, studying the notes, buying them (this is a lot less, since I tend to like expensive stuff)
  • Baking bread
  • Having a series downloaded and ready on the hard-drive connected to the TV
  • Friday nights and Saturday mornings
  • Planning trips
  • Having something to write about (it’s very rare in my case)
  • Gossiping
  • Buying fruits, veggies and exotic food ingredients
  • Watching documentaries about cosmetic surgery, beauty industry, diets, body image, sexual habits, food culture, exercise and actually a lot more topics like these
  • Gudan garam in winters with hot ginger tea
  • Having a nice routine that includes good wholesome food and regular exercise
  • All kinds of hearty soups
  • Crusty bread and balsamic vinegar with good olive oil
  • Massages (if this was a list in order of my favourites, this would be in the top 5)
  • Being in the middle of the book that I’m really liking
  • Inviting people over for dinner to be my guinea-pigs for food that my husband wouldn’t eat
  • Finding about some interesting phenomenon I never heard of, reading about it obsessively and then telling all the people that are close to me in such painful details that their interest is over even before it actually begins
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Arguing and having very serious discussions about things that don’t really matter or over which I have no control whatsoever
  • Talking smugly relationships, like I’ve got it all figured out…that’s short-lived, I feel guilty immediately
  • Imagining that I suddenly turned into this gorgeous danseuse and surprised people around me who never expected so much grace out of me
  • Finding any of these these things in the local market: the squidgy, small variety of ber, red ber (chana mana bora), tamarind balls, raw mango coated in salt and chilli, starfruit, amla, karvanda
  • Public holidays that fall on Mondays

This is it for now, I am sure I’ll keep adding as and when I remember. What are your top 5 favourite things? Feel free to write more than 5.

With unapologies

There are some things that I hate so much that despite trying to cajole myself into trying to ignore them; some things just bypass my annoyance filter anyway.

I hate:

  1. people becoming extremely comfortable with me and acting like soul mates.
  2. nosy people riding the moral high horse.
  3. forced and assumed friendships.
  4. unsolicited advice especially from people who hardly know me. And especially about topics like love, relationships, babies.
  5. people insisting that I should like what they like.
  6. people who try to be funny and crack jokes that are plain racist, sexist, unfunny or offensive in general.
  7. women who yell at the top of their voices. This point stems from the fact that there is a woman in office who has no idea how loud and horrific she sounds. She’ll put Rani Mukherji to shame with her hoarseness. Plus I know even know her favorite music and her bank account number in just one day.
  8. girls walking in twos and threes completely oblivious to the fact that they are blocking the way for others. Plus, these girls are there just to torture you. They keep chattering, they look at you, they see that you are stuck between them and are in a hurry but still keep doing what they are dumbly.
  9. people with no sense of a person’s physical space. I’ve seen specimens who come so close as they talk that you need to squint.
  10. people who touch your hand and cheeks and hair as they talk even when they hardly know you.
  11. women who are blissfully unaware of their stupidity.
  12. unbearably girly girls who act like they need to be rescued by men.
  13. men who feel that they are meant to provide for women.
  14. men displaying classic signs of chivalry like holding doors for women, entering only after women, pulling seats for women. I agree some are genuine and feel the need to do this but most are just showoffs and sexually frustrated men trying to impress women for an easy lay.
  15. women who can make you uncomfortable just by looking at you head to toe.
  16. Idiotically positive people. It’s just plain irritating and depressing.